The Initial 4-Step Process

This outline is customized for every client and potential client at Wealth Management Partners. We understand not everyone has the same goals for their financial future. Therefore we are always open to tailoring this process to meet your needs and lifestyle.

Meeting One

Getting to know each other. During this meeting our primary goal is to identify your financial goals and needs. Our team of advisors will help determine the most efficient way to move forward.

(Phone or in office appointment)

Please complete and submit the following forms prior to Meeting One: (You may either download and print/email the PDF, or submit Online Form)

Question and answer period. We ask you to come prepared with some ideas as to how you envision your financial future. We also ask that you bring copies of your current financial documents. Brokerage account statements, bank statements, insurance statements, etc.

(Phone or in office appointment)

Meeting Three

Presentation. During this visit you will be shown two presentations. The first is a comprehensive financial plan. This plan will include the probability of success for the financial goals you expressed. The second presentation is an outline developed by our team of how we would suggest proceeding once the account is open. The outline would cover; investment strategy, asset allocation, investment vehicles and anything else appropriate for your needs. A review of our service commitment and fee structure would also be addressed.

(Phone or in office appointment)

Meeting Four

Account Opening. Once we have developed the financial plan appropriate for you and your family or business. We ask you come in to sign all the necessary documents for opening and funding your account.

(Phone or in office appointment)

We look forward to learning more about your goals, values, and priorities and demonstrating how we can help you achieve your vision.